Prevention Starts with Awareness

We were once asked what’s the difference between a smart person and a wise one

The simple answer is that the smart person knows how to get out of trouble that a wise person would not enter.

In essence, this is what DCOYA is all about! So far, DCOYA’s customers managed to reduce cyber security risks by a factor of 10 within 6 – 12 month.

DCOYA gives your employees the knowledge to prevent phishing attacks!

The relentless surge of cyber attacks is keeping CISOs up at night. The vast majority of these attacks start with a phishing email.

DCOYA automates security awareness program and train your employees to identify and avoid phishing and ransomware attacks, and thus breaking the attack chain before it can even start.

There are 4 basic steps in the awareness lifecycle

Building awareness

 1. Assess Awareness

Send simulated phishing emails to assess current state of employee awareness

The first step in building a tailored employee training program is to understand the current awareness level of each  employee. Dcoya stages simulated phishing attacks, sending mock phishing emails to employees and gauging their response.


The results of this assessment pinpoint where your organization is susceptible, and allow us to create customized training scenarios based on each employee’s level of knowledge.

 2. Automated Training

Teach employees to identify phishing emails using proven automated methodology.

Dcoya teaches your employees to identify phishing emails using a fully automated methodology. 


We build the scenarios, analyze the results, identify weak spots and make adjustments based on employee behavior. 

To capture the “teachable moment,” Dcoya immediately interacts with employees lured by a mock phishing email, explaining how to detect it and the correct action to be taken.

Empowering Prevention

3. Real-Time Alerts

Empower employees to detect and report suspicious emails in real-time.

Once you’ve raised the awareness of your employees, Dcoya helps you turn them into your first line of defense.

Dcoya Advantive lets your trained employees detect and report suspicious emails in real-time with a single mouse click.

The selected email is sent to Dcoya for analysis and, if confirmed as a phishing attempt, is either disarmed or removed altogether.

 4. Sustain Ongoing Reinforcement

Instill best practices via continuous training and rewarding of positive behavior.

Dcoya’s employee security awareness program is built to stand the test of time. Our training materials are constantly updated to keep pace with the dynamic threat landscape.

Continuous training and rewarding of positive behavior help to instill and reinforce best security practices across your organization.


Solution in a box

Many organisation, dont have the time or expertise to run awareness campaigns. With DCOYA it is possible to get a complete service including running and customising the campaigns specifically to your organisation needs.

Lower your Cyber Risk

DCOYA focuses on the human element, substantially reducing your organization’s attack surface and vulnerability to phishing attacks.

Compliance made Easy

DCOYA’s complete security awareness training program gives you out-of-the-box compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX and ISO regulations

Automated and simple

DCOYA automatically creates individual training programs, adjusts simulated scenarios based on employee behavior and reports results upstairs

Fast detection of phishing attacks

Using DCOYA’s social ability to share attempts of attack with other employees with a click of a button, it is possible to prevent new attacks in a very early stage

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