Diagnose your biggest security challenges using the most comprehensive level of details available

Have you been hacked? or Do you think you have malicious files inside your network?

If the answer is YES to either one of these questions, then Intezer’s code DNA analysis is what you are looking for

Whether legitimate or malicious, all software is composed of previously written code; the key to deeply understanding its nature and origins lies in discovering code that has appeared in previously known software.

DNA mapping for software

Code Intelligence technology™ is ‘DNA Mapping’ for software, enabling the analysis
and identification of the origins of every tiny piece of code, within seconds. This technology dissects any given file or binary into thousands of small fragments, and then compares them to Intezer’s Genome Database, which contains billions of code pieces (‘genes’) from legitimate and malicious software offering an unparalleled level of understanding of any potential threat. As such, Code Intelligence™ represents the world’s most advanced technology for detecting code reuse and similarities, on a never before seen scale.


Unknown                 Extracting                Code genome           Identifying and classifying

file                              Genes                     dB analysis             the unknown & reused code









Intezer advantages

APT detection

Identify the most sophisticated APTs within your organization

Malware classification

Categorize malware into families and even attribute the threat actor by detecting code reuse across previous attacks

Drastically minimize false positives

Minimize other system’s erroneous flags by recognizing code from legitimate software sources

Effective vaccines

remediate identified threats with effective vaccines


Customer Testimonial

Ziv Manor| CISO| Cellcom

“As a CISO, I am constantly looking for innovative security technologies like Intezer that go beyond standard tools. Its technology provides an unparalleled visibility of every piece of code running in the network. Intezer’s leading technology and its talented team of cyber security experts is the type of solution our security team needs to deal with advanced threats.”


Intezer services

Intezer Analyze™

A smart line of defense for any company, Intezer Analyze™ is a subscription-based SaaS product that provides rapid malware detection and analysis. With a simple online API access, it functions as a plug-and-play solution for any process within your organization’s incident response plans or daily cyber security monitoring, requiring no onsite deployment. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface and simple deployment means you’ll be up and running in no time.


  • APT Detection – Identify any reused code within your organization that appears in known malware
  • Rapid File Investigation – Fully understand any unknown binary without having an experienced reverse-engineer analyzing your code
  • Memory Analysis – Analyze entire memory dumps, process dumps, or even fileless code dumped from memory
  • Reduce False Positives – Minimize other systems’ erroneous flags by recognizing code from legitimate software sources
  • Accelerate reverse engineering – Prevent the re-analysis of code already identified in previously seen software or malware
  • Threat actor classification – Pinpoint the author of new malware by detecting code reuse across previous attacks
  • Simple integration – Integrate quickly and easily with your existing automation processes

Intezer Compromise Assessment – Detect active attacks in your environment

Intezer’s Compromise Assessment is a complete check-up of your network: detecting any existing attacks and enabling your team to effectively mitigate them.
Based on Intezer’s Code Intelligence™ technology and its expert team’s knowledge, this service provides you with a report of every suspicious, malicious or unknown file in your organization.

Using its unique technology, Intezer is able to detect even the most sophisticated threats running in your systems – whether it’s a full-blown Remote Administration Tool or a tiny, stealthy code injection. Intezer detected and classified APTs  such as Bad Rabbit, and Turla before any other vendors.


  • Detect even the most sophisticated cyber attack within your organization
  • Remediate threats with effective vaccines
  • Receive expert insights and recommendations
  • Minimal disruption



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