Intensity Global Australia is the exclusive authorised provider of Nyotron in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Nyotron – The first positive end point solution

Nyotron – Threat Agnostic Defense Platform 

Nyotron is disrupting the entire security paradigm. Acting as your last line of defense, Nyotron proactively protects your data and assets from even the most sophisticated first day cyber-attacks.

Nyotron is the ONLY Company to Protect You from the Unknown Unknown Threats

The Nyotron difference can be demonstrated by the evolution of security. Twenty years ago, traditional AV technology introduced a signature-based approach to deal with threats. This works well with KNOWN threats – but is unable to detect any new threats.

Recently, a crop of next-generation anti-virus vendors has addressed the problem in a similar way, with a variety of different technologies: containment, artificial intelligence, mathematical algorithms, and machine learning. All of these technologies require some kind of KNOWN component of the threat to support their claims of predicting threats. These technologies are still UNABLE TO DETECT UNKNOWN UNKNOWN attacks.

Nyotron protects you from tomorrow’s threats, today. We are the first and only company that can detect and prevent threats that have never been seen before. We call our approach Threat-Agnostic Defense™ – we stop the damage threats attempt – regardless of the type of threat or the attack vector. Nyotron provides complete protection from APTs and zero-day attacks


How does Nyotron Paranoid work?

Acting as your last line of defense, PARANOID protects against threats that bypass your perimeter and endpoint security layers. Protecting against threats others cannot detect, PARANOID leverages its patented Operating System Behavior Pattern Mapping (BPM) technology to stop attacks before damage is done and protects against zero-day exploits, malware, advanced persistent threats and unknown future threats


Threat-Agnostic Defense™

  • Regardless of the type of threat
  • Regardless of how the threat gains access
  • Last line of defense for your trusted data

Real-Time Visibility

  • Enhanced monitoring of all endpoints
  • Step by step attack visualization and forensics
  • Leverages Patented Behavior Pattern Mapping (BPM) technology

Detect. Prevent. Respond. Analyze.

  • Proactive detection of APTs and zero-day attacks
  • Prevents what others can’t detect
  • Integrated response management
  • Analysis based upon sequence of events

Managed Defense Services

  • VISIBILITY: For alerts, monitoring, and activity management
  • INTELLIGENCE: Research, forensics and reports
  • INCIDENT RESPONSE: Crisis management & incident response

Available On-Premise or As a Service

  • Your team manages
  • Nyotron Managed Defense Services team manages
  • Partner managed

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