Udi Jacoby

Managing Director, Australia, Asia Pacific and Japan

Udi is responsible to develop its portfolio companies business in Australia, Asia Pacific and Japan
Prior to this role Udi was working at Panaya as their VP of Asia Pacific and Japan , On 2013, Udi established Morphus VC to help young companies develop their businesses in Australia, Asia Pacific and Japan.
Udi started his career over 30 years ago and developed advanced systems for Israeli Defense Force. During 1991, he joined Mercury Interactive where he held key executive positions in development, customer support, product marketing and sales. Mercury was acquired by HP at 2006.  At HP Software, Udi was one of their Asia Pacific and Japan executives. Between 2006 and 2013, he initiated, planned and successfully executed several business initiatives that turned into new successful revenue streams for HP Software.

Udi holds a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering degree at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev